We interviewed a person of the high school who is working on the project of the connected hives, and he explained us what it consisted in. There are two on the balcony of  the CDI (school library). There might be another one in a high school of Copenhagen. But the conditions are different, the weather is colder and days are shorter.

    This project was created to raise awareness to pupils on the increase of the mortality of bee colonies. This is due to the environmental modifications  and the new treatments against parasites. The life of bee queens spans from 2 to 4 years.



     A hive is constituted of 10 frames. 6 in the center are used by the brood.


    The hive is equipped with sensors to measure the health of the bees, they measure the temperature, the pressure, the humidity, the illumination, etc. Then they register them and we can visualize them on a graph thanks to an IT site, developed by the British, called " rasberry pie ". It reads the values, then the program collects, analyzes and reacts to the data. They are transferred by a computer network or by electromagnetic waves. The system " fingspeak " keeps in memory the datas and Internet users can consult them.



    It is a very interesting and important project, for bees, for us.




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