• Hello Mr Hérisson, we are here with you to talk about the connected urban hive project in our school. You are part of the school's staff.

    -First, can you please introduce yourself ?

    I am a professor at Touchard high school, I teach engineering sciences, MPS (scientific methods and practices) as well as technology in STI2D classes. I'm a beekeeper since 2012 and I have 4 hives at home.


    -What is the purpose of this project, and the benefits that it could bring?

    We will install 2 hives on the balcony of the CDI (the school library), we will be able to collect honey and the students will see the hives through the glass panels. This project may be atypical but there are already many high schools that have hives. There will also be a beekeeping club that I will be supervising. The honey will be sold by the MDL (students' association).


    -Are there any risks by installing hives in the school?

    No because the bees are not aggressive and the hives will be at a height, the students will not even see the bees across the school.


    -Can the fact of being in an urban environment have an impact on the life in the hive?

    Yes because there are obviously fewer flowers than in the countryside, but now with all the pesticides, the countryside is not always the best place to install a hive. Bees can forage for 3km around, they should not have problems finding flowers.


    -What are the difficulties, if any, related to the project?

    There's not a lot of difficulties, the only big one is to find a great place to install the hive because you need to have flowers near it, you also must build the hive 2,5m above the ground because of the security.

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