• To know an outside opinion we asked Ms. Ekmanian

    Ms Ekmanian's interview


     1) Did you know the bees disappearance ?

    Yes it touches me because my children talk about it, we are all sensitized. If bees disappears already, it is the humanity that goes out graduall.

    2) Are you aware about the connected hive ?

    Yes I think it's a good action, it's important for me to "live with time" and use the new technologies that are available to us.

    3) Do you think that is dangerous to have hive on the roof ?

    No, there is no danger because they are placed above the CDI

    4) Do you often consume honey ?

    Yes because in my village there is a beekeeper so I consume honey regularly, it is a sweet product good and pleasant.

    5)  Is your beekeeper affected by the disappearance of bees?

    Yes, he talk to me about it that influenced his production.  But it does not change anything I like his products I would continue to buy as long as the beekeeper will produce. It is for me, important to support the artisans of my village.

    6) If there is a sale of honey at school, do you think you buy it ?

    Yes obviously even if, as said before, there is a beekeeper in my village I made it for the good gesture so as to help the school.

    Ms Ekmanian's interview

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