• Royal jelly and health

      As you probably know honey can be used as food, but it can also be used for its medical properties. In this article we will just speak about a part of bees’ production: royal jelly.


    But first what is royal jelly?

      Royal jelly is a honey bee secretion that is used in the nutrition of larvae. First, it’s secreted from the glands in the heads of nurse bees. Then, with this jelly, nurse bees will feed larvae that are in the alveoli. It’s in these alveoli that beekeepers will extract the royal jelly (still with the larvae). Then they will pull out the larvae to keep only the jelly.



    What is royal jelly made of?

      The royal jelly is composed of different nutrients. Most of the components are carbohydrate, especially fructose and glucose, which represent 15 % of the jelly. Then, royal jelly is composed of 13 % to 19% of protein, which reinforces muscles and bones. There are also lipids, minerals, amino acids, acetylcholine and vitamins B.


    What are benefits of royal jelly ?

      Now we know what royal jelly is, we will speak about its benefits for health.

      To begin royal jelly helps to maintain the immune defense mechanism. Secondly, it helps diminish the signs of old age, and finally it relieves menopause disorders. Some people think that royal jelly improves physical and intellectual performance and reduces bad cholesterol, but it has never  been proven by scientists.


    How to use royal jelly ?

      You can simply use royal jelly by applying it on your face after you have cleaned your skin with clear water. You  just have to let it rest during 10 min, and then to rinse your skin and it's done. You can do this every week. However, you can also add one teaspoon of royal jelly to your usual moisturizing cream. These two tips will allow you to prevent aging and to keep your skin safe, clean and moisturized longer.



    Thank you for reading, we hope you have learned a lot of things through this article :)



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  •  Since ancient times, honey has been used as both a food and a medicine.

     Honey has lots of healthy benefits like


         -         portrait-en-gros-plan-de-dame-âgée-sourire-tenant-le-pot-miel-avec-s-103006179.jpgIt favors good bacterium and destroys bad bacterium

         -         It produces antioxidants which are against cardiovascular diseases

         -         It restricts the proliferation of cancerous cells

         -         It  is a natural sweetener

          -         It fights against sleeplessness

          -         It appeases sore throats and coughing

          -         It boosts our athletic performances

          -         It heals cuts and wounds

          -         It hydrates your body


    Yes, honey has advantages but BE CAREFUL!

    Don’t use it excessively because it can also cause diabetes, dental caries and sometimes, honey can cause botulism to children, and it’s absolutely forbidden for babies under the age of one.



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