We interviewed 2 men : a beekeeper, André Bricault and the head of the Touchard Washington high school, Mr BOURDON.

    First, we interviewed Mr BOURDON :

     -« Do you know what a connective hive is? »

    « Connective Hives are the hives we installed in Touchard Washington high school to learn more about bees. »

    - « Do you think that it is a good thing ? »

                 - « Yes. It’s an excellent idea. Moreover, everybody likes bees and honey. It’s 100% natural. »

    -« What do you think about bees disappearing? »

                   « Because of chemicals, we are in big danger and it’s a danger for nature and for the wealth of the flora. »

    -« Are you implicated in the project ? »

                    « No but I helped them finance it. »

    -« Do you have more projects like the connective hive ? »

                    « Yes. In « Touchard se met au vert » at the end of may. There are also lots of demonstrations like a probe balloon. It’s an event which gathers 500 people every year.»

    -« what do you think of student’s involvment in this project ? »

                      « I think that this project is one which affects the most people from the Seconde to the BTS. It is an emblematic project of Touchard Washington high school. »  

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    We usually associate the M.D.L. (Maison Des Lycéens) with the connected bee-hive project, but what about the C.V.L?

    Axel is a member of this association, and he accepted to answer a few questions...



    Can you begin this interview by a little presentation of this association ?

    Firstly, "C.V.L." means "Conseil de Vie Lycéenne". In fact, the C.V.L. is an  association of students who were elected. Its objective is to make the life better in the high school by proposing different projects.


    Does the C.V.L. finance the connected bee-hive project?

    We didn't talk about that, because we have a big list of projects for which we will be obliged to make a selection... But, of course, I will vote for our project! (This sentence was said without any threats from our journalist...)


    What assistance could you envisage doing to help this project?

    I think that we could plan to bring a financial assistance, it could be good press for this association to find staff and shed lignt on the connected bee-hive project... But, I don't know exactly and it's only suppositions...


    Is the C.V.L.  going to collaborate with the Danish or not?

    To be honnest, we don't exactly know yet, but given that we will offer a connected bee-hive to the Danish, we could surely make the best of it and take the opportunity to collaborate with them, take some ideas and try to discover some things which are different...


    Thanks to Axel, who took time to answer our questions...


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    What do they think of the project ?


    Last week, we interviewed Mr Viriat, our vice principal, to know a little more about the connected beehive project .

    Here are his answers, and opinion on the subject.


    The bee's project :

    The idea was to create several connected hives within the high school, so we can offer one to the

    Danemark to celebrate our ten years of cooperation.

    Mr Philippe and Mr Hérisson are behind this project, the reason is that both of them are keen on

    beekeeping. Moreover, they are working with the participation of Mrs Bourreau, and with the

    STI2D and BTS SIN students which are building the hives.

    Mr Viriat is also involved , as he said, he is the coordinator of the project. His role is to connect the

    different actors between them, ensure the progress of the project, the proper functioning of the

    various stages and its completion. The vice principal is here to « answer different logistical and

    pedagogical questions ».


    The launching of the project :

    This project started because of the wilingness of the participants, like a lot of projects, but also with

    « the aim to do a teaching plan ». To work on human sciences, technology, ect. Moreover, this

    project could allow to the high school to collect honey and sell it to make profits.


    The high school and sustainable development :

    As Mr Viriat said, this project is the first one in five years in the high school. It is the only one

    linked to sustainable developement, but for two years now, the MDL has been organizing a paper's

    collect because « in a such an establishment, we have to reduce at the most our paper waste so we can limit our

    ecological impact ».

    We don't know the exact price of the bee's project, nevertheless the etablishment is entirely

    financing it.


    His opinion about bee's project :

    I think it’s really interesting and original. Moreover, it links differents domains, such as the technological

    and linguistic fields. It will bring a natural touch to our very concrete high school, so it’s a nice idea



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    With my group we asked some questions to the CPE (principal educational advisor).

    Ms ekmanian's interview

    1/ Did you know that bees are disappearing ?

    Yes it touches me because my children are talking about it, we are all aware of it. If bees disappear, this is the beginning of humanity's extinction.

    2/ Do you think that it is dangerous to have a hive on the roof ?

     no there is no danger because it will be above the cdi

     3/ Are you aware about the connected hive ?

    Yes I think it's a good action, we hear a lot about it in the high school.

    4/ Does it bother you that they are connected ?

    No it is important for me to live with our times and to use new technologies to move forward in life.

    5/ Do you often consume honey ?

     yes regularly because in my village there is a beekeeper

    6/ Is the beekeeper in your village affected by the disappearance of the bees

     yes and I intend to "help him earn a living" and buying his honey as long as he produces it

    7 / If there is a sale of honey, do you think you will buy some ?

    Yes of course, to help the high school and pupils 

    Ms ekmanian's interview


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  • The M.D.L. is an association of students that proposes projects for the high school. Mathieu, who is a member of the association has answererd our questions about the connectd bee hive project. He specifies the role of the association in this project.


    Does the M.D.L. participate in the project ?

    We don't participe directly in the project but we supervize the beekeepers club. So our role is to encourage people to get interested in this project thanks to the beekeepers' club.


    Mathieu's Interview

    Why is this project  useful ?

    It brings an entertainment for those that are interested in the subject. In addition, it allows to connect the I.T. universe with the bees's universe through a project realized by the high school students, so it's useful.


    Which was your reaction ?

    I knew that there were various clubs but when I heard about this project, I was intrigued and interested, especially if that can show teh dynamism of our high school.

    Mathieu's Interview

    What does the project bring ?

    This project brings so many things for the environnement because there are problems with bees at the moment. There are fewer and fewer bees around the world and it's dramatic. This project is important it reintroduces bees in a public area. They will be able to travel in the city. It's good for the ecosystem and also, we will be able to harvest the honey. Moreover, the teacher has made a map where he has shown us that here, bees can help develop the vegetation and flowers around the high school.


    Who will take care of the bees ? 

    A M.D.L. group will be created to take care of the bees with the help of Mr.Hérisson. Moreover, Mr.Hérisson's students will do an analysis about the beehive to check for exemple the honey's production, the humidity...

    Mathieu's Interview

    Thank you very much to Mathieu who took the time to answer our questions.

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