• Bees are the world’s most important pollinators. A colony of 25 thousand bees can pollinate up to 250 million flowers. If bees don't pollinate their natural habitat, plants wont be able to reproduce. Animals that feed on plants will eventually die from hunger therefore animals that feed on herbivores will also die, this affects a worldwide chain and it can have a very big impact on the Earths environment.  

    Bees mix up pollens from different flowers and this increases the genetic variety without which there would be fewer plant species.

    Some types of plants can only be pollinated by bees, these types of plants include orchids.

    Without bees there wouldnt be flower plants and without flowers there wouldnt be bees.

    Bees have a very important job in the ecosystem they are crucial for plants to survive and if they werent here it would indirectly affect us in many ways.

    Bees also clean the air of all the pollen thats flying around, this can cause people to get allergic and have an even bigger impact on the human health.

    Bees can disappear due to pesticides used by many farmers and it can be a big problem in the ecosystem because 80% of plants can disappear too.

    One third of our food  has been indirectly helped by bees to produce.


    A few numbers :

    -There are around 20 000 species of bees around the world.

    -Between 2006 and 2009 bees produced around 153 billion euros of benefits.

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