• The bees'ness of honey ;)

    Today more and more supermarkets sell "fake honey". In 2015, a study conducted by the european union shows that 32% of the honey which is sold is non-standard and shouldn't deserve the honey label. The true honey should only be done by bees in hives, but today a lot of brands are adding different sugars. These european tests complete the analysis carried out by the magazine "Que choisir" in 2014. According to this one, 1/3 of the first-price honeys would actually be modified.

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    How to find the real good honey ?

    - In a supermarket, it's necessary to favor a precise origin and to avoid "Mixtures of honey originating from the EU and outside the EU".

    - When it is from a beekeeper, the floral and geographical origin is verified. But beware of beekeepers who offer many types of honey; already 5 varieties represent a lot of work and more than that, would be fishy.

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    Make the right choice !

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