• News update from the connected beehive project!!!!


    We interviewed Mr. Hérisson, the school's beekeeper and the teacher who is in charge of the project.


    "Where did you get the bees and their queen from?"


    "Wednesday the 27th of march, I brought the hives to the apiary of the Mill in Fresnay sur Sarthe near Alençon. It's our beekeeping shop.


    At the end of April, the store manager Pascal Foucher brought back a breeding of queens from the Orne and two overwintered colonies.


    This means that the queen was born in mid-April and was introduced to a queenless colony that passed winter in the breeding.


    May 30th or May 31st, I'll pick up the two colonies at nightfall from the store and I will immediately install them int he school around 22h 23h."


    "We heard there were plenty of bee races. What is this one?"


    "They are queens of the Buckfast race also called brother Adam, it's a race which was created in Buckfast Abbey in England."


    "Could you please tell us how much did these bees cost? "


    "A colony cost 195 €"

    News update from the connected beehive project!!!!




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