• Mr Viriat's Interview


    What do they think of the project ?


    Last week, we interviewed Mr Viriat, our vice principal, to know a little more about the connected beehive project .

    Here are his answers, and opinion on the subject.


    The bee's project :

    The idea was to create several connected hives within the high school, so we can offer one to the

    Danemark to celebrate our ten years of cooperation.

    Mr Philippe and Mr Hérisson are behind this project, the reason is that both of them are keen on

    beekeeping. Moreover, they are working with the participation of Mrs Bourreau, and with the

    STI2D and BTS SIN students which are building the hives.

    Mr Viriat is also involved , as he said, he is the coordinator of the project. His role is to connect the

    different actors between them, ensure the progress of the project, the proper functioning of the

    various stages and its completion. The vice principal is here to « answer different logistical and

    pedagogical questions ».


    The launching of the project :

    This project started because of the wilingness of the participants, like a lot of projects, but also with

    « the aim to do a teaching plan ». To work on human sciences, technology, ect. Moreover, this

    project could allow to the high school to collect honey and sell it to make profits.


    The high school and sustainable development :

    As Mr Viriat said, this project is the first one in five years in the high school. It is the only one

    linked to sustainable developement, but for two years now, the MDL has been organizing a paper's

    collect because « in a such an establishment, we have to reduce at the most our paper waste so we can limit our

    ecological impact ».

    We don't know the exact price of the bee's project, nevertheless the etablishment is entirely

    financing it.


    His opinion about bee's project :

    I think it’s really interesting and original. Moreover, it links differents domains, such as the technological

    and linguistic fields. It will bring a natural touch to our very concrete high school, so it’s a nice idea



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