• « I started beekeeping when I was 13; today I am 85 »


    Why did you want to become a beekeeper?


    I wanted to become a beekeeper because I have always loved bees, it is my passion and also to do like everyone else earlier, have bees. With my age ,  I will not go see my swarms if I don't like bees. This is my passion, I like bees.


    How did you start learning beekeeping ?


    I learned at age 13 with my grandfather who had hives at the time.


    Do you think that amateur beekeeping is accessible to everyone?


    Yes, it is very easy to train in beekeeping. Today, there are also beekeeping schools that teach amateurs, bee lovers, how to maintain a hive and to have honey.


    How much honey did you get this year with your hives?


    This year, with the drought, I received only 45 kilos of honey and 8 hives. Before, when I had 60 hives, I managed to get 1 ton of honey! In general, my average production is 8 kilos per hive.


    How did you get your bee swarms?


    Usually, people with honeycombs at home call me and I come to get them. I always take wild swarms.


    We know today that bees are disappearing, what do you think of that?


    We have a bad management of our agriculture, the fields are full of chemicals that harm bees, it should have been done before, I find it sad that no one really reacts.


    In our school, we have a connected hive, do you think it's a good project?

    Yes, I think it's a great to raise awareness about bees’ needs and to teach you things, I think it's a good project

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