• Honey breakfast

    To begin the day with a honey touch you can make a

    Honey Milkshake


    Preparation time : 2min 

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    Ingredients for 2 people :

    - a table spoon of honey

    - 10 cl of milk (so around 6,1 cubic inches)

    - 2 yogurt ice-cream balls


    Preparation :

    - put everything in the blender and mix it until you get a foam 


    To complete the honey milkshake you can also ad toast


    Preparation time : 5 min

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    Ingredients for 2 toasts :

    - 2 bread slices

    - 1 banana

    - 2 teaspoons of muesli

    - 2 teaspoons of cream cheese

    - 1 teaspoon of sugar

    - honey


    Preparation :

    - toast the bread slices

    - in a bowl beat the cream cheese with the sugar

    - spread this preparation on the toasts

    - cut the banana in slices

    - put the banana slices on the cheese

    - spread the muesli on the toasts with a little bit of honey





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