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    You want to know more about honey?You are reading the right  page ! Let's talk about the honey history ! 


    What is honey ?


    Honey is a sweet substance made by bees with nectar from flowers. The word "honey" dates back to the 10th century. Its origins come from the Latin "mel". 


    How long has honey been around? 


    Honey is one of humanity's first foods. Honey has been present on Earth for much longer than humans. The bees that make it appeared tens of millions of years ago. At first Men thought that the bees carried to the hive the honey they found on the plants. That's the reason why the scientific name for bees is « Apis mellifera » which means "honey-carrying bee ». Rock paintings have been found in Spain , South Africa or India and prove that the use and consumption of honey already existed. Moreover we were able to get a more precise idea of the time when men took a close interest in honey. From prehistorical times and even before, our ancestors already harvested honey to consume it. Honey was used to sweeten food. Honey has been used for health reasons since antiquity, beautify the skin and embalm the dead among the Egyptians. During the first and second world wars, it was used to accelerate the healing of soldiers' wounds.  


    Honey’s evolution 


    For a long time, the honey harvest was destructive to bee colonies: it either killed the bees or dislodged them. 


    The end of the 18th century was a real revolution for bees: in fact "the hive with removable frames" appeared which allowed the beekeeper to take only part of the reserves without killing the colony of bees. Today, there is a very large number of different types of hives but none kill the bees. 




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