• All that you have to know about the beehives !



    To have more informations about the beehives we asked M. Philippe Simier.


    First he told us about the electronic aspect :


    With little sensors the connected beehives sends informations to a computer. All these informations can be read with smartphones, tablets and computers on the website of the connected beehives which is http://philippes.ddns.net:8080/


    The measured informations are the temperature, the pressure, the  brightness, the humidity and the weight.




    After that, the site makes averages and graphs. All the measurements are renewed every 30 minutes. If there is a temperature problem or another problem, the site will send a notification, an e-mail or a SMS.


    All of these parameters will be able to compare the living conditions and the productions of the two beehives which will be in Copenhagen and le Mans.


    These informations will be tabulated and averaged.


    We'll see the differences between the two cities and where bees live better : Copenhagen or Le Mans ?



    Résultat de recherche d'images pour "panneau le mans"Résultat de recherche d'images pour "panneau copenhaguen" 




    Then M.Simier told us more about hives




    All the hives will be intalled on the balcony of CDI in the building F .


    They hope to have enough bees to have some honey even if the hives are in the city center. Since a recent study has proven that there were more bees in the city than in the countryside because, in the countryside the farmers use too much pesticides in their field .

                                                                                                 Résultat de recherche d'images pour "abeille qui butine"

    And these pesticides will go up directly to the plants. This can kill the bees or just affect their harvest. So, since in the city there are no persticides, or less than in the countryside, there should normaly be enough bees to create honey .


    But the hives are not only created for the honey but also for a project of a BTS class who will place sensors in the hive to measure the temperature, pressure, humidity and brightness and also a scale under the hives to measure the weight , like M.Simier had explain before.


    The idea of the hives was thought by a class of BTS last year. It is also them who, in small groups created the sensors, the computer, the balance and the website .


    Moreover, solar panels will be installed in order to supply the hives with energy.


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