• 1 - They can recognize human faces

    Bees perceive faces with the same method as we do! They take parts (like eyebrows, lips, and ears) and cobble them together to make out the whole face.  It’s called “configular processing,” and it might help computer scientists improve face recognition technology!

    5 Fun Facts About Bees


    2 - They can solve mathematical problems

    You have to visit six stores and they’re all at six separate locations. What’s the shortest distance you can travel while visiting all six? This is the kind of problem a bee can solve !

    5 Fun Facts About Bees


    3 - They can smell landmines.

    Scientists in Croatia have trained a team of bees to smell landmines by making them associate the smell of DTT with the smell of sugar. Their sense of smell is very powerful, so they can detect odours up to 4.5 km away.

    5 Fun Facts About Bees


    4 - They taste pollen with their paws.

    But also with their mouths and antennas. When scientists dabbed the bees' legs with solutions containing sucrose, salt and bitterness, they were mostly attracted to salt, more than others.

    5 Fun Facts About Bees


    5 - The performances of a full hive.

     A hive of honey bees flies 70,000 km, the equivalent of three orbits around the earth, to collect 1.5 kg of nectar to produce honey!

     5 Fun Facts About Bees

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  • A hive is composed of a queen, male drones and  workers.

    The organisation of a hive

    The queen is the central pillar of the bees' reproduction. It's the biggest one. It lays around 2000 eggs per day during spring.

    There are two types of workers : the ones who focus on the domestic tasks and the ones who gather pollen and nectar.The creation of honey includes : ventilation, wax building, nectar collecting and its transfer. Then, for the safeguard of the colony, the workers take care of the other bees. They look after the good development of larvas, feed the queen and the male drones.

    The organisation of a hive

    Bees also insure their security trough their sting.

    The organisation of a hive

    The drones haven't got any sting and there're only there to mate with the queen.
    During the winter, the bees are also able to eject them out of the hive.
    In brief a hive is a hierarchical system defined on the power of the queen.

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    Bees can't speak like humans with a mouth and words, so they have developped other means of communication which are really surprising !

    The pheromones : 

    Pheromones are a natural substance which is released by the bees in the air, and that influence and communicate their behaviour. To diffuse the pheromones, the bees flap their wings. For exemple : happiness, sadness…


    The dance :

     No, it's not a joke, the bees' dance is a means of communication. There are different dances (circular dance, wiggling dance…) which mean differents things…


    Conclusion :

     The bees have developped different means of communication which are very ingenious...



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