• The Dangers with the Asian Hornet

    In fact, the Asian hornet is not more dangerous than a wasp! Its sting is even less painful than the one of a bee that will leave its sting and part of its abdomen. The hornet just stings and then withdraws. The victims identified each year die because of an allergic reactions. The only problem is that if you've never been stung, you don't know if you're allergic or not. And even if you are, it is sometimes difficult to avoid the bite.

    The Dangers of Asian Hornet

    Nevertheless, the main victim of the Asian hornet is the bee! The Asian hornet represents a real danger for French bees. Why? Because it is used to feeding its larvae with insects, especially bees!

    The Dangers of Asian Hornet

    It is therefore a terrible bee-killing insect, which does not hesitate to attack the bees' hives in order to destroy them. And this species is very effective in destroying bees because it is estimated that only 10 Asian hornets are needed to destroy a whole hive of bees.

    The Dangers of Asian Hornet

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