• Ms Ekmanian's interview


    With my group we asked some questions to the CPE (principal educational advisor).

    Ms ekmanian's interview

    1/ Did you know that bees are disappearing ?

    Yes it touches me because my children are talking about it, we are all aware of it. If bees disappear, this is the beginning of humanity's extinction.

    2/ Do you think that it is dangerous to have a hive on the roof ?

     no there is no danger because it will be above the cdi

     3/ Are you aware about the connected hive ?

    Yes I think it's a good action, we hear a lot about it in the high school.

    4/ Does it bother you that they are connected ?

    No it is important for me to live with our times and to use new technologies to move forward in life.

    5/ Do you often consume honey ?

     yes regularly because in my village there is a beekeeper

    6/ Is the beekeeper in your village affected by the disappearance of the bees

     yes and I intend to "help him earn a living" and buying his honey as long as he produces it

    7 / If there is a sale of honey, do you think you will buy some ?

    Yes of course, to help the high school and pupils 

    Ms ekmanian's interview


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