• Colonization and geography of the Asian hornet

    The Asian hornet has many subspecies. A black subspecies, Vespa Velutina Nigrithorax, was introduced into Europe before 2004 where it has become an invasive species. By April 2017, the hornet had already colonized most of France, Portugal, northern Spain and parts of Italy, Germany, Belgium and Great Britain.

    Colonization and geography of the Asian hornet


    Translated Legend:

    Distribution of Vespa Velutina in France from 2004 to 2016

    Departments colonized between 2004 and 2010
    Colonized departments between 2011 and 2015
    Departments in the process of colonization (2016)

    Vespa velutina was first observed in France in 2004 in Lot-et-Garonne, probably from containers of Chinese pottery imported into Lot-et-Garonne via the port of Le Havre.

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