• -Bee's Reproduction


    The bee's queen is the only one which is able to create life within a hive. It's a very specific process that we chose to explain because it's a part of the bee's life ( and a quite important one).



    First of all, when a queen bee is born, it rests during 5 days before it gets soared in the sky to accomplish its mating flight. The queen mates with several males (between 12 and 15) until its spermatheque is filled.

    A spermatheque is an organ of the queen's body which stores the sperms (about 6 millions).

    The males which will have fertilized the queen will die a few days after the mating flight.

    Once it is housed, the queen lays permanently from february to september to breed several colonies for the rest of its life (about five years).

    To finish the queen lays 400 000 eggs in a year. What an impressive number!

    2-The egg:

    The bee egg is a white stick 1,5mm long and 0,3mm in diameter. It is stuck to the bottom of the cell where the queen placed it. At the beginning it is straight but on the third day it lies at the bottom of the cell.

    The young larva isn't visible, lying in a royal jelly drop. It grows up really fast and during its growth it undergoes five skin changes at different times after the egg hatch. The last moult accurs when the larva lies down in its alveoli.

    At the end of its growth the larva changes position. It moults a last time and weaves a silk cocoon. The workers bees cover the cell with a porous plate: the lid.

    Twelve days after the sealing, about three weeks after laying the gang worker leaves her cell.

    3- Life of a worker:

    The birth cycle contains 21 days, for 3 days it's an egg, 4 to 9 days it's a larva then after 10 to 21 days it becomes  a nymph.

    The budding bee is small, hairy, whitish, slow, clumsy and harmless. It stays a few days in the hive. From its birth to the first foraging 1à to 18 days will pass. Between its birth and the 18 days, it performs different tasks: to rest, interior work, to nurse, to be a guardian.

    A winter worker lives about 5 months, a summer worker lives about 5 weeks.



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