Urban hives are on the roofs of buildings or in parks. In the cities, the bees can flee pesticides.           


    Urban hives present some advantages:

    Bees pollinate cities and promote biodiversity. Cities plant more and more flowers to help the development of bees, so they can produce more honey. The associations deal with urban hives  and the schools too. That activity creates jobs for people looking for work. 


    There are also disadvantages to these urban hives:

    It will cause problems for inhabitants around these hives, especially in terms of noise. This noise will disturb the population and may wake up at night. Bees can also sting inhabitants, so it’s dangerous for allergic people. It can cause diseases. But this project doesn’t have enough resources so bees go to bakery, supermarket, bees can sting. Moreover, it will create  a real competition between domestic bees and wild bees.






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