Bees form a clade of hymenopteran insects from the Apoid superfamily. At least 20,000 species of bees are listed on the planet, including around 2,000 in Europe and nearly 1,000 in France. They can’t see in the dark.


     The differents roles of bees :

    • Queen bees : It’s a fertile female and the mother of the whole colony. She can live several years.

    • Worker bees : They are the fertile females who takes care of the maintenance, the feeding of the nest and the care of the brood : they can live a few weeks to a few months.

    • Male drone : They ensure the fertilization of future queens : they die after mating.


    Warning : There are bees that can run after you for 1 kilometer just to sting you.


    Food : 

    - larvae pollen

    - adult nectar

    - queen royal jelly


    Construction of a honeycombs :

    90% wax and 10% pollen and propolis by worker bees to store honey, pollen or brood in their hive.


    There is another type of bee: The lonely bee , They live in the ground and nest in the ground to live there. They are innocuous and very important for pollinating. They live among three and six weeks.


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