Honey bees produce commodities such as honey, beeswax, pollen while some beekeepers also raise queens and other bees to sell to other farmers and to satisfy scientific curiosity. 
    Beekeepers also use honeybees to provide pollination services to fruit and vegetable growers. Many people keep bees as a hobby. Some people do that along with another job.
    These factors affect the number of colonies maintained by the beekeeper. Most beekeepers are hobby beekeepers.
    sideline beekeeper attempts to make a profit keeping bees but relies on another source of income.
    Worldwide, commercial beekeepers number about 5% of the individuals with bees but produce about 60% of the world's honey crop.
    Queen breeders are specialist beekeepers who raise queen bees for other beekeepers. 

    It is important to know that bee stings can be fatal if you are not careful. The use of protective clothing is now routine to work with bees. It is necessary to wear a beekeeper combination at the right size because the smallest interstice is enough for bee to infiltrate.
    The clothes must cover all the parts of the body, the upper and lower limbs. It must be tight at the ankles and sleeves to prevent the passage of bees.

    A beekeeper earns an average of 2031€ gross per month in France and an average the annual salary in the world is of 25000€. 

    The first relationships between humans and bees were around 6000 years ago. The first allusion to hives was in the 14th century but the beekeeping like we know today appeared in the 18th century.

    The amateurs can also be stars like the famous actor Morgan Freeman , the famous actress Scarlett Johansson and the Greek philosopher Aristotle.



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