We interviewed 2 men : a beekeeper, André Bricault and the head of the Touchard Washington high school, Mr BOURDON.

    First, we interviewed Mr BOURDON :

     -« Do you know what a connective hive is? »

    « Connective Hives are the hives we installed in Touchard Washington high school to learn more about bees. »

    - « Do you think that it is a good thing ? »

                 - « Yes. It’s an excellent idea. Moreover, everybody likes bees and honey. It’s 100% natural. »

    -« What do you think about bees disappearing? »

                   « Because of chemicals, we are in big danger and it’s a danger for nature and for the wealth of the flora. »

    -« Are you implicated in the project ? »

                    « No but I helped them finance it. »

    -« Do you have more projects like the connective hive ? »

                    « Yes. In « Touchard se met au vert » at the end of may. There are also lots of demonstrations like a probe balloon. It’s an event which gathers 500 people every year.»

    -« what do you think of student’s involvment in this project ? »

                      « I think that this project is one which affects the most people from the Seconde to the BTS. It is an emblematic project of Touchard Washington high school. »  

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