We usually associate the M.D.L. (Maison Des Lycéens) with the connected bee-hive project, but what about the C.V.L?

    Axel is a member of this association, and he accepted to answer a few questions...



    Can you begin this interview by a little presentation of this association ?

    Firstly, "C.V.L." means "Conseil de Vie Lycéenne". In fact, the C.V.L. is an  association of students who were elected. Its objective is to make the life better in the high school by proposing different projects.


    Does the C.V.L. finance the connected bee-hive project?

    We didn't talk about that, because we have a big list of projects for which we will be obliged to make a selection... But, of course, I will vote for our project! (This sentence was said without any threats from our journalist...)


    What assistance could you envisage doing to help this project?

    I think that we could plan to bring a financial assistance, it could be good press for this association to find staff and shed lignt on the connected bee-hive project... But, I don't know exactly and it's only suppositions...


    Is the C.V.L.  going to collaborate with the Danish or not?

    To be honnest, we don't exactly know yet, but given that we will offer a connected bee-hive to the Danish, we could surely make the best of it and take the opportunity to collaborate with them, take some ideas and try to discover some things which are different...


    Thanks to Axel, who took time to answer our questions...


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