Urban Hives, solution or problem ? 


          Everyone knows that bees are disappearing, but there are only a few “beekeepers” who try to save them. Beekeepers try to build new hives in forests or in fields but not many of them think of urban hives. Maybe they think that it’s useless to build hives in a city with not many crops to pollinate and that people won’t be careful with bees and will try to kill them if one goes too close to them. But are they right? Will they die? Some beekeepers don’t agree with this way of thinking and try to set up urban hives. In 2014, in Norway with the help of many beekeepers the Snøhetta Foundation located in Oslo, decided to build two hives on the rooftop of Dansens Hus in Oslo. Hives are placed near green areas. 


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